Sunday, May 18, 2014

Painting Patio Chairs

These patio chairs have been in our lives for about five years now, and while they're still very sturdy, they were starting to show some definite signs of wear. The fabric was getting very faded and some rust was starting to appear on the frames.

When I saw a pin on Pinterest about spray painting patio furniture, I decided to give it a go. I didn't use the same spray paint as in the tutorial, because the color choices were limited to white, black, or metallic. I wanted something a little more bold, so instead I picked up some Valspar Outdoor spray paint in a nice aqua color.

I prepped the chairs by giving them a quick wipe down to get all the grass, etc. off of them and then got started spraying.

You want to aim for nice, thin coats done a few minutes apart. This will keep you from running into the dreaded drip. I started out with just one can on one chair to make sure this project wouldn't be a big old fail. When everything seemed to turn out alright, I went out and got three more cans for the other three chairs and finished up.

One can of spray paint ended up being the perfect amount for each chair, but if you have bigger chairs with more surface area, you'll need to get more.

After all my surfaces were well covered, I left them in the garage to dry for a few days before moving them outside.

So far, they've only been outside for a couple days, but if anything catastrophic happens, I'll definitely update.

The finish is nice and smooth, even on the fabric, and there hasn't bee any problem with cracking paint so far. I'm calling this one a success!

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