Thursday, January 8, 2015

Drywalling Til I Can Drywall No More

On the day after Thanksgiving, about 3,000 pounds of drywall and cement board was delivered to our carport.

After 36 trips up and down the stairs and about two and a half hours time, it was all carried downstairs.

Once we had recovered, we got started hanging it on the wall.

This step took quite a lot longer than I had anticipated. You never really think about how much area and how many little pieces of wall need to be covered by drywall until you get down to it. For anyone wondering, the green drywall on the bottom is mold and mildew resistant. We used it on the bottom half of all the walls and everywhere in the bathroom.

After a couple weeks, it was all up and then it was time for the dreaded task of mudding. We are far from experts at this, though we have vastly improved from our first efforts. We watched many a YouTube video on the subject.

In my previous post on drywalling, which goes into more detail on the step-by-step, I mention that I used the powdered mud that you mix yourself. This time around, we decided to go pre-mixed since having to mix up a new batch of mud all the time was going to slow things way down. In the end, I still prefer the mix-it-yourself mud, but for a large job like this, the convenience of pre-mixed wins.

While carrying those 12' sheets of drywall down the stairs, I was regretting my decision to go with them as opposed to the 8', but after  having to mud that many fewer seams, I was really glad we went for it. I just wished the green drywall came in 12' lengths, too.

We spent what felt like approximately 10,000 years applying three coats of mud, then sanding, then marking spots that need touching up, then sanding and touching up and so on. We found that shining a flashlight parallel with the wall was very helpful in finding any uneven spots.

Once we were finally satified enough with the smoothness of things, we put up the cement board in the areas we would be tiling.

Then it was on to the painting stage. That will be for another post though, since one is already plenty long enough. I can't even express how happy I am to be done with drywalling. Woo hoo!

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