Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY Wedding Hangers

Our focus is slowly shifting to the basement, which we've been working on in spurts for the last 4 years.

There's not much to report, as we haven't really accomplished anything (besides Cait smashing the old fireplace surround with a sledgehammer) so I'm stopping in with a wedding update.

I wanted to make those adorable name hangers for mine and my bridesmaids' dresses, but I didn't want to pay much for them, as I strongly dislike paying for things that I can make myself. After reading this tutorial, which I found on Pinterest, I decided I'd try my hand at making them.

I got a pack of 5 wooden hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond and a spool of 16 gauge wire from Home Depot. I then used needle nose pliers to bend the wire into letter shapes. If I was unsure of the best way to form a certain letter, I just googled "wedding hangers" and found an example that had the letter in question. My first attempt was not so pretty.

Not the worst thing ever, but definitely not a finished product. Once I got going on my second one, I really started getting the hang of it. Once I was happy with how the name looked, I drilled holes in the hangers and hot glued the ends of the wire in place.

Not too shabby, I reckon!

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  1. Yeah, DIY wedding hangers are becoming very popular nowadays. They create nice add on in the wedding dress photography. At one of the local Los Angeles wedding venues I attended a grand wedding in the last month and everything over there was super unique. I have saved some inspirations from that wedding and will surely use them in my DIY ceremony.