Saturday, April 25, 2015

Movin' On Up

After my last post, David and I had to chill for a few days while the polyurethane finished curing. I have to admit, it was really weird (but wonderful) to not have anything to do for a few days. We actually relaxed after work! We sat on the couch and watched TV! But once Wednesday rolled around, it was time for me to go into overdrive again.

I started out by re-installing all the quarter round I had removed. I had previously given it all a fresh new coat of paint. There were a few pieces that broke during removal and some of the closets had missing pieces, so I had to buy and cut some new trim for those areas. Once that was up, I caulked the corners as well as where the baseboards and quarter round meet, then painted the baseboards to get them looking fresh and new.

That took just about all day, so by the time I finished up, Scott and Cait came over to eat some dinner with us and be coerced into helping us get started moving back into the upstairs. David and I were SO VERY EXCITED to be able to sleep in our bed again, which we were able to do that night.

It took us a few more days to get everything back where it belongs. Now that we are settled again, it is such an enormous breath of fresh air. I keep walking in to rooms and being surprised at how much space I have to manoeuvre.

One new room we have is what we are calling our Project/Craft room. It's in what used to be our guest bedroom and it houses my sewing machine and a huge desk for David to work on his computer projects.

But the room I'm most excited about is the former living room.

Please feel free to ignore the spackle on the wall.
Which is now a dining room. I've never really seen much point in having a formal living room. I know some families use and enjoy them, but I knew we would not be one of those families.

The table belonged to my grandparents, so not only does it look totally boss, it brings a lot of warm memories with it.

It's still a bit lacking in furniture at the moment, but I will bring in more pieces over time. I would love to have a sideboard or buffet in here.

So that's how we are looking at the moment. We plan to cool it on the big projects for a little while and just enjoy what really feels very much like a new-to-us house. Oh, and did I mention how much closet space I have now? It's unreal!

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