Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bling Bling Holder

For the wedding, I knew I needed something to hold our rings during the ceremony. We aren't using a ring bearer and the bridesmaids dresses don't have any pockets, plus I didn't want to put the pressure on them of having to keep track of something so small and important. I found some inspiration from this pin and adapted it to fit my needs.

I started out with a small wooden box from Michael's for $1. I knew that I didn't just want the rings loose in there, but I also wanted them to be easy to remove during the ceremony so I didn't want to tie them down or anything like that. I first considered using dowel rods to make a ring holder (like this). I wandered around Michaels quite a bit pondering my options, when I came upon a particularly thick sheet of foam in the kids' craft aisle. I took it home for an additional 99 cents, and went on my merry way.

I started out by cutting out a rectangle of foam the same size as the interior of my box and then checked the fit. I cut out two more rectangles using the first one as a template. I pushed all the pieces of foam down into the box, one on top the other, then used a knife to cut three slits, one for each ring. Putting my engagement ring back on is part of our ceremony, but you could just cut two slits if that's all you need. They don't have to be perfect because you won't really see them once the rings are in place. I pushed the rings into the slits to make sure they fit and were spaced well.

Then I took the foam back out and stained my box. The stain color was Kona by Rustoleum (the stain I bought for my failed counter top project).

Once the stain was dry, I glued all the layers of foam into place in the box using plain old Elmers glue and allowed that to dry. Then I used a white paint pen to add some words to it.

It was an extremely simple and cheap project and I think it turned out super cute!


  1. I love this. Not only is it adorable and practical for the day of the wedding (thanks for not having us keep track of them!), but you can use it for years to come! Adorbs.

  2. For a minute, I thought the inside of that box said, "Mr. Emrs." I was like, "..."

  3. I really like this!

    If you wouldn't mind sharing, what are you guys doing with your engagement ring during the ceremony? A while back I saw something I really liked incorporating it, but now I can't find it and can't remember what it was!

    1. I don't mind to share at all! After we exchange wedding bands, David will put the engagement ring back on finger as the officiant says, "Now that you have exchanged wedding bands, David please place your engagement ring on Beth’s finger over her wedding band, symbolizing that the love that brought you together will always protect and sustain your marriage."

    2. I love that! We are definitely going to have to work something in like that. Thank you!